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Corporal PC Repair
Corporal PC Repair saved my laptop and is an awesome small business! For months I had been getting the blue screen of death until the point where my Sony VAIO was no longer functional. I took it to the Geek Squad and they told me I needed a new operating system. I then took it to some random guy off craigslist (big mistake). I finally found Corporal PC from doing some internet searches. I called and left a message at 8:00 AM, received a call back within 30 minutes and had met Andre to hand off my laptop less than an hour later. Andre correctly diagnosed my problem as a bad hard drive and replaced it. Andre kept me updated on the progress of my repair and was extremely accommodating to my schedule - he even came by my office to return my laptop. I would absolutely use Corporal PC for all my computer repairs in the future.

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